Bia_Ha_Noi.jpgWelcome to Ha Noi, the capital of Vietnam. 30 KB  
Bao_Thit.jpgHad Bao Thit (BBQ pork? bow) at this tiny little place. 39 KB  
Ha_Noi.jpgThe streets are filled with this holiday spirit, and its cold with lots of trees, really great! 66 KB  
Ban_My_Bit_Tet.jpgBig hearty steak, eggs, garlic, onion sizzling hot plate. Slap it on a loaf of bread with Chili sauce and you got a fine alternative to Com Pho. 33 KB  
Ha_Noi.jpgA shot from the Old Quarter. People still regularly burn their trash in the streets at night. 16 KB  
Ha_Noi.jpgAnother shot from the other direction. 25 KB  
Creative_DVD.jpgI just love the Vietnamese approach to bootlegging (makes the Thai look like amatures)! They get really professional -- even producing their own box sets featuring the best action movies with "Tom Kruise" and other favorites. Supposedly these are manufactured in China, but who knows. 46 KB  
Ha_Noi.jpgGood Pho Bo (Beef noodle soup) shop near my hotel. Had little dog-bone shaped bread rolls and fresh mint to garnish. 32 KB  
Tet_Prepare.jpgJust enjoyed walking around town. It felt like Christmas (which I missed because I was lounging on the Thai beaches!) 33 KB  
Tet_Prepare.jpgFrenzy of commerce before Tet. 43 KB