Bia_Hoi.jpgAt 10 cents a mug, you gotta love the bia hoi! Actually it is often more like home-made "malt liquor" than "beer". 25 KB  
Saigon.jpgPhoto of Ho Chi Minh City (Siagon) all lit up at night. 25 KB  
Sacrifice.jpgRoast pig for the photo gods. 32 KB  
Salon_Seamstress.jpgThere are so many things going on in the streets at any given moment. 28 KB  
Christian_Pagoda.jpgThere is some interesting religious overlapping here. Buddhist, Taoist, Roman Catholic, Ancestor worship and Cao Daism -- a mix of them all! 13 KB  
Cu_Chi_Tunnles.jpgWent to visit the Cu Chi tunnels near Saigon (more info) a decisive part of the Tet Offensive in 1968. For the most part it was pretty cheezy, but here was one "reconstructed" (for tourists) tunnel that was pretty fun. It was full of bats, and took an exhausting 15 minutes to franticly crawl through on our hands and knees. 15 KB  
Cu_Chi_Tunnles.jpgJC with the VC. The site also featured booby trap demonstrations, a propaganda film made in the 60's and a chance to fire an AK-47. 26 KB  
Red_Beret.jpgThese "red beret" french guys were all over Siagon. Don't know what their deal was, but their costume would be better suited to San Francisco's Castro district than here. They often seemed to have this weird patriarchal "I own this country." attitude that made them seem like fruity, he-man, colonial leftovers. 29 KB  
Agent_Orange.jpgAfter the Cu Chi Tunnels, I went to the War Remnants Museum (formerly the "War Crimes" museum). It was VERY different than the goofy tunnels - a serious, gruesome (and sometimes sensationalized) depiction of some of the most horrible aspects of the "American" war. This was a photo of Agent Orange being sprayed and there was a long documentary about horrific birth defects and health problems it still causes. 27 KB  
Friendly.jpgI stumbled out of the museum in a bit of a shock... But not far away I ran into this group and they helped me to get past my feelings of guilt and disgust. 38 KB  
Rush_Hour.jpgThe famous motorbikes of Saigon. Crossing the street was (like Hanoi) always an adventure. Many tourists literally would take taxis to avoid it! You just have to calmly walk into the stream and, like magic, they calmly flow around you! 38 KB  
Alley.jpgThis is the Alley outside my guest house. Durring the day, it was full of great little food stalls with midget-sized stools and tables to eat at. 27 KB  
Souvenir.jpgThis was inside the guest house hanging on the wall, probably the most unusual "Souvenir" I had ever seen. 22 KB  
Reproductions.jpgThis was a factory specializing in reproductions of famous paintings. It was great to watch them work. 48 KB  
Bun_Thit_Nuong.jpgMy favorite Vietnamese meal! Grilled pork over rice noodles and veggies with fresh shrimp spring rolls and plum/chili/peanut sauce. Had trouble figuring out the food here because nothing seems to have the same name twice! 37 KB