Mekong.jpgFishermen pulling in the net. Taken on my trip down the Mekong river from Phnom Penh to Vietnam. 32 KB  
Mekong.jpgFloating in the polluted waters without a care. 23 KB  
Sam_Mountain.jpgThis was the view as I got to my posh room in Chao Doc, Vietnam. 15 KB  
Market.jpgThe central market is always a great place to get familiar with a new culture, new food, etc. I usually just wander around slowly for a few hours until things start to come into focus. 42 KB  
Breakfast.jpgMy first breakfast in Vietnam. Got a very cheap and very delicious "pate" sandwiches with all kinds of mysterious and spicy ingredients. Topped it off with a Ca Phe Da and Rambutan fruit. 35 KB  
Student.jpgAngelic student uniforms... how do they stay so perfectly clean? 36 KB  
Funny_Woman.jpgThis lady was such a flirt! She insisted I take a picture, then took my hat and put it on. 43 KB  
Khoi.jpgKhoi was this cyclo (3 wheel pedi-cab not featured in this pic) driver. I met him at the cafe while I was eating breakfast, rented this bicycle from him. 36 KB  
Khoi_House.jpgKhoi invited me to have lunch with his wife and two kids. We all sat on the floor of his 6' x 7' home, played with the kids and ate. 28 KB  
Khoi_Fish.jpgKhoi raises exotic fighting fish to sell. Insisted on giving me a demonstration. 24 KB  
Khoi.jpgDon't get the wrong idea... It was hot and I noticed his tattoo of a swastika (which is a Buddhist symbol symbol of prosperity and good fortune). This is the first time I have seen a swastika tattoo that wasn't on Charles Manson's forehead. 20 KB  
Electric.jpgStenciled warning. 19 KB  
Sam_Mountain.jpgRode Khoi's bicycle a few miles out into the lush rice patties to the base of Sam mountain. 23 KB  
polyester.jpgThey love the bright colored synthetic 70's suites here! 27 KB  
JC_Party_Member.jpgMy revolutionary zeal got the better of me. 19 KB  
Students.jpgGoing to school by bike. 44 KB  
Disco_Pingpong.jpgThis guy was rocking the table tennis with a gangsta lean. 35 KB  
JC.jpgI was looking mysterious the whole time. 19 KB  
Victory.jpgKhoi and I had a wild night at the Victory bar (named after the malt liquor sold in plastic bottles). 34 KB  
Blood.jpgAte Vietnamese Blood Clams! When you opened them, they literally were full of bright red blood. Nong Wah! (tasty!) 37 KB  
Trang.jpgKhoi's friend Trang. Still couldn't pronounce her name correctly if my life depended on it. 18 KB  
Karaoke.jpgOh, forgot to mention that Khoi is a professional singer! This is just a pic of Karaoke, but I saw him perform a real concert. 29 KB  
Kids.jpgSome colorful kids being carted around by dad. 36 KB  
Polyester.jpgEven when fishing and rowing all day these women look like a 70's advertisement. 42 KB  
Cruisin.jpgKhoi, I and his friend Tao went out in Tao's uncle's boat for a few hours. This guy was cruisin past us with a grin. 40 KB  
Huge_Net.jpgThis is a huge cantilevered net and frame built out of bamboo. Its pretty impressive to see them pull in the fish. 50 KB  
Eyes.jpgMany ships have these eyes painted on the front in Vietnam. 34 KB  
Drinks.jpgFloating refreshment stand. 23 KB  
Dress_Up.jpgTaking advantage of the opportunity to dress up at this tourist trap. 41 KB