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Jonathan Cross: Travel photography and stories.


Welcome to my online archive of photos. You’ll find photos and stories from dozens countries around the world. Enjoy!

Kolkata, India: 2006 Bust an Nut: the party of The Millenium - 1997 Matterhorn: 2002 Iceland: 2008 Portugal: 2004 Vietnam: 2005 Tokyo, Japan: 2004 Bangladesh: 2006 Java, Indonesia: 2006
Map of countries visited.
About this website.

JCDSee is my personal web based photo viewing / cataloging system written in the Perl scripting language. The script is about 43KB, does not use cookies or contain ads. Perl h@x3r5 - feel free to grab the latest version of JCDSee, and use it as you like. The site uses html5, css3, xslt, xml, and to tie it all together.


I had to name it something... its an adaptation of "ACDSee" (image viewer for windows) which itself took the name from the Australian rock band AC/DC. Legend has it that Angus and Malcolm apparently saw the acronym on their sister’s sewing machine (where it indicated "Alternating Current/Direct Current").

JCDSee has been built very slowly over the last 10 years starting from a 2-line perl script -- most of the development taking place in random internet cafes around the world.


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