Welcome to the JCDSee photo archive. You’ll find photos and stories from dozens countries around the world. Enjoy!

Kolkata, India: 2006 Bust an Nut: the party of The Millenium - 1997 Matterhorn: 2002 Iceland: 2008 Portugal: 2004 Vietnam: 2005 Tokyo, Japan: 2004 Bangladesh: 2006 Java, Indonesia: 2006
Map of countries visited.
About this website.

JCDSee is my personal web based photo viewing / cataloging system written in the Perl scripting language. The script is about 43KB, should work without JavaScript and does not use cookies or contain ads. Feel free to grab the latest version of this code, and use it as you like.

This website has evolved slowly over the last 10+ years starting from a 2-line perl script — most of the development taking place in random Internet cafes around the world. This latest version (with mobile support) was launched in August of 2015.